Soon | Launching SOBOL: Artistic Resources and Creative Alternatives

Feb 2020

Ettijahat – Independent Culture is preparing to launch the new programme SOBOL: Artistic Resources and Creative Alternatives which aims to support arts education in fragile contexts, as well as to create dynamic alternatives to empower cultural diversity. The programme presents high-quality content in Arabic languages and covers a part of the needs in the creative knowledge domain, and it targets those who are at the start of their artistic experience. SOBOL contributes to strengthening visual memory of the artistic production, and to the reduction of the lack of creative knowledge in remote environments where it is hard to get the opportunity to learn logical critic. The programme’s main idea is around the use of digital space as an alternative educational one where there is a chance to share and contribute to solid creative content.

In its first release, SOBOL is launching a series titled Dramaturgy: Concepts and Applications, designed and presented by Dr. Marie Elias. This will be the first series among a group educational series that covers different topics in artistic categories. To watch episodes when released and to get notified with the latest updates, please subscribe to Ettijahat’s channel on YouTube. You can watch the trail of the Dramaturgy Series by Clicking Here.

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