SOBOL: Resources for Arts & Creativity

SOBOL aims to support Artistic Education and to provide accessible and high-quality artistic content, covering part of the need for developing creative knowledge. The program mainly targets all Arabic speakers and specifically producers and recipients of the Arts who at the beginning stages of their artistic experiences.

The content of the program is designed based on the approaches and academic curriculums already established in the Arab Region. This creates a space for shared knowledge which contributes to enhancing a visual memory of Arab Artistic Production and alleviating the lack of creative knowledge in environments where opportunities for the development of education are not accessible.

General objectives

  • Enabling the Arab region’s artists, art practitioners, and those interested in the arts to develop their knowledge in various artistic fields
  • Contributing to the promotion of artistic democracy by providing accessible and easy-to-use artistic knowledge in Arabic
  • Contributing to the preservation and documentation of the experiences and knowledge of a number of art producers in the Arab region, and sharing their expertise with the younger generation of artists

SOBOL Resources are published in the form of a video series about various and specified artistic topics, all of which fall under the Creative Commons License 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND) which entitles anyone to view, download and share them free of charge for non-profit purposes without changing the content.

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