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AJYAL Grant Results: A programme to Support Arts Education Academic Year | 2020-2021

AJYAL: a programme to support arts education, targets young Syrian and Palestinian-Syrian art students living in Syria who wish to enroll in a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, in medium or higher institutions, or to pursue an applied education programme in European universities and institutions, if they are currently residing in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan , Egypt and all EU countries.

The aim of AJYAL is to provide educational opportunities for young Syrian students in various Arts fields, by covering in full or partially the cost of studies which range between 1200$ and 4000$. The programme also commits to providing support for beneficiaries, residing in Syria, throughout and until the end of their studies. AJYAL is based on a set of principles which includes honing the skills of the new generation of artists and art students, opening up to all forms of artistic expressions, and creating channels of communication between the young and the older generation.


Results of Grant Recipients in the Second Edition: Eight students were selected within four artistic categories.




Ahmad Khayr Al-Moghrabi

Third year student in the Dance Department at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus.

Ahmad has worked in several humanitarian organizations providing psycho-social support. He has also taken part in a collective project on dance, theatre, and photography.

Badaa Mohammad Aata Ali 

Third-year scenography student at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus.

Badaa takes interest in design in general, and fashion design in particular. She participated in the scenography design of several seasonal theatrical shows and graduation ceremonies at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.

Mayar Aleksan

Master’s Degree in Theatre at the Dutch Art Institute, as part of an ArtEZ University program on the space where theory and art specialization meet. The research project is entitled “Recycled Tragedy”.

Mayar holds a B.A. in acting from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. He has also teamed up with several artists to produce theatrical shows in numerous countries.


Cinema and Joint Grants

Hassan Ali

Master’s Degree in Applied Music for Visual Arts at Université Lyon 2. The degree involves studying and analyzing soundtracks, as well as their relationship with motion pictures in cinema, cartoons, videogames, and other visual arts. It also consists of an applied program on music composition and production, in cooperation with several schools of art and cinema.

Hassan is a musician and composer. He holds a B.A. in Music and Musicology from Université Lyon 2. He composed a music album entitled Rural Cosmos, as well as several soundtracks for numerous motion pictures, documentaries, and cartoons.


Fine Arts and Architecture

Ammar Abatha 

Master’s Degree in Urban Design at the American University of Beirut. The degree studies the urban fabric, as well as the laws and legislations in effect in local areas, in an attempt to find better ways to address them, and to invest the limited space in urban areas more effectively.

Ammar graduated with a B.A. in Architecture from Damascus University in 2017. He also renovated the winter hall of the Jabri House in old Damascus, in order for it to start hosting exhibitions and musical concerts.

Mazen Alashkar

Master’s Degree in “Artistic Research” at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. The degree consists of an in-depth study for artists who are interested in research as an artistic approach. It seeks to develop their ability to explore their research schema, concepts, inputs, and new research methods, as well as discover new means of communication that could deliver artwork to its recipient.

Mazen has a B.A. in Fine Arts from Damascus University and works as a Graphic Designer. He has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions across several countries. He also held his first solo exhibition in Brussels. Mazen takes interest in transcending art into science and philosophy, along with other forms of knowledge. He continuously attempts to use cross-disciplinary means of artistic expression, including numerous tools and media.

Mohammad Majd Al-Hennawi 

Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Department of Painting and Photography at Damascus University, which consists of completing a research thesis that could take between one and three years.

Majd graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Painting and Photography Department, before working as a lecturer in painting at the Faculty. He has taken part in several collective exhibitions across different countries, as well as in art workshops and events on painting and photography. He held his first solo exhibition in 2019 at the National Center for Visual Arts.



Omar Jammoul

Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar Performance at the Universidad de Alicante, which consists of an intensive practical program looking into fundamental music eras, with courses on chamber music, classical guitar in music orchestras, and the neuroscience of music.

Omar studied Classical Guitar Performance in Syria, before pursuing his graduate studies in the same discipline in Spain. He also studied music composition and harmony. Jammoul has held several concerts as a solo artist, taken part in chamber music formations, or accompanied symphonic orchestras in several countries.


The second edition’s jury committee was composed of the following:

Theatre: Fouad Hassan (Syria) – Hussein Baydoun (Lebanon) – Imane Ezzedine (Egypt)

Cinema and Joint Grants: Ghassan Salhab (Lebanon) – Najwa Barakat (Lebanon) – Nidal El-Debes (Syria) 

Visual Arts and Architecture: May El-Abrashi (Egypt) – Mohamad El-Mufti (Syria) – Reem El-Jundi (Lebanon)

Music: Aabed Kobeissi (Lebanon) – Duraid Fadel (Iraq) – Loubana El-Qantar (Syria)


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