Arts and Uncertainty: Designing Creative Interventions in Time of Crisis

This toolkit consists of theoretical and practical content, in addition to a number of case studies, all of which were designed to benefit artists at the level of practical experience first, as well as in their involvement in wider cultural discussions. The content is also designed to promote freedom of expression and enhance community-level creative projects, so that the latter can play their natural roles in influencing decision-makers and enhancing the legitimate presence of art in daily life. In this regard, we would like to affirm that we have kept the contexts described in case studies as they were presented by the individuals who were interviewed for the purposes of creating this toolkit. Therefore, the views of those interviewed do not necessarily reflect those of Ettijahat – Independent Culture, nor the partners or the authors of this toolkit.

This toolkit targets artists, both individuals and groups who are directly involved in contributing to social change. It does not impose an “appropriate” size for initiatives or creative interventions. In fact, there are small initiatives (in terms of resources) with a limited scope (geographically) that create great impact within their social and cultural contexts; similarly, there are international interventions that maintain their effectiveness on wider geographical scales and for longer periods of time.

The point is, growth and expansion do not necessarily reflect capacity. There are many initiatives that take the clear-cut decision to remain working at a local level and which work to establish themselves as part of a cultural context that they actually care about – by focusing in this way, they are able to grow within their specific contexts through direct interaction with them. In general, the toolkit primarily targets artistic interventions that require direct physical engagement with communities or which are based on training, rather than exclusively digital interventions.

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