Tribute to Hassan Abbas | Douroub: A special edition of SOBOL on Syrian intangible cultural heritage – Coming Soon

Mar 2021

Ettijahat - Independent Culture is pleased to announce the launch of the Douroub series, a special edition within the SOBOL series focusing on Syrian intangible cultural and heritage resources, written and presented by Hassan Abbas. The series is part of Ettijahat programming for its tenth anniversary with the support of the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, the Dutch Postcode Lottery Stichting DOEN, and Mimeta.

We share this announcement with you with heavy hearts, as we mourn the passing of our great friend and researcher, Hassan Abbas. We are proud to now launch the series which he strove adamantly to complete with our team, despite his health complications. It brings us solace to think that this series will be part of the cause that Abbas dedicated his life to, protecting intangible Syrian cultural heritage, at a time when no efforts can be spared in this regard.

Douroub aims at introducing some components of the cultural map and creating digital graphic backups to enhance cultural and intellectual diversity, as well as satisfying a portion of the knowledge need regarding the Syrian intangible heritage. The series aspire to contribute to the stability of Syrian communities wherever they are and create a platform for Syrians to share their stories and collective memory.

The series will cover seven topics of Syrian cultural resources and intangible heritage, introducing over 200 elements of the Syrian intangible cultural map. It will include videos of more than 50 elements and focus on cultural areas including traditional music, popular and religious dancing, food and beverage in Syrian cuisine, social practices and rituals, celebrations, and traditional crafts and children’s games. The series starts with two episodes on the concept and categories of intangible heritage, exploring the richness of Syrian intangible heritage.

For further information on the series please click here.

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