Ten Years On: In the Midst of Change

Mar 2021

As we welcome the spring of 2021, as we look back on a decade of struggle for democratic change in Syria and the Arab region, and as we ponder the scale of hope and pain underlying the final decision of citizens in this region and those dreaming of freedom, Ettijahat – Independent Culture celebrates its tenth year of action: A year which we hope to dedicate to communicating, sharing, and learning from our achievements, while keeping an eye on the future. Even though our new reality and the challenges we collectively face dictate caution in fixing dates and setting timelines, Ettijahat will take this opportunity to bring you a plethora of virtual and tangible events which will hopefully come to fruition soon, in cooperation with several partners as well as artists.

We choose to usher in the year with a timeline packed with programmes, special events and activities, and communication milestones, to be revealed gradually. These will fall under the mottos #TenYearsOn and #InTheMidstOfChange, which constitute our overall slogan for encompassing these shared milestones.

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