Tenth Anniversary of Al-Jumhuriya: One of the cultural entities supported by Life Initiative

Al-Jumhuriya was founded at the end of March 2012 by a group of Syrian writers, journalists, and academics, who took initiative to create a platform for analysis, and monitoring that responds to the major changes unfolding since the start of the Syrian Revolution in March 2011. After two years of voluntary work, the platform was institutionalized, and a full-time team was dedicated to managing it, which then grew and included new writers and contributors.

Today, Al-Jumhuriya is celebrating ten years of cultural production and coverage of the major transformations in Syria. A full decade has passed since the establishment of this knowledge-based and experimentation-oriented platform, both in terms of form and content. Al-Jumhuriya's content comes outside the framework of traditional news coverage methods, and as a free space that welcomes divergence from the norm and alternative narratives. During its first three years, Al-Jumhuriya mainly focused on commentaries related to the events and changes in Syria. However, in subsequent years, this focus shifted towards broader questions and topics, as the group’s editorial approach included a mix of both first-hand accounts and intellectual and analysis pieces. This was evident in the contrast between their op-eds and their objective reports devoid of wishful thinking, as well as between neutral and informative pieces, as opposed to subjective and impassioned takes on political issues. The one consistent theme across all of the groups’ journalistic pieces, however, is the value it attaches to human life.

In 2020, Al-Jumhuriya issued its bi-annual cultural dossier Hamesh (Margin), which covers, reviews, and supports cultural production in the Arab World and Arab-speaking diasporas across the globe. So far, three issues of the dossier have been published and have reached nearly 60,000 followers. The dossiers included 41 articles and literary texts by authors from Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, and other Arab countries. These are organized by themes and topics that encourage the authors to explore them and reflect upon them as blueprints for future research papers, theoretical articles, or creative texts. The three main themes of the past issues were: Arab Science FictionA Critical View of Motherhood, and the Concepts of Obedience and Submission.

For more information, visit Al-Jumhuriya’s website and follow their latest activities on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

 Al-Jumhuriya is one of the cultural entities supported by Life: Contributions to Support Syrian Cultural Entities, launched by Ettijahat as an exceptional initiative as part of its special programming for its tenth anniversary.

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