Testimonies by Collectives and Individuals from the Performing Arts sector in Lebanon Shams Association in Beirut

Abdo Nawwar, director of Shams Association, presents Sham's history and working model, opportunities in supporting artistic production, and empowering the arts and culture sector as a profitable industry and mediation tool, in addition to developing relationships with audiences that can create sustainable pathways within the labor market.

The series is based on 9 testimonies about the current challenges and future opportunities in the production of the performing arts in Lebanon and on the possibility of manifesting new approaches for the survival and sustainability of its sector. The series includes interviews with prominent artistic groups and individuals, the questions of which have been developed within the framework of addressing performing arts as a professional field. Some questions intersect to discuss general production mechanisms and models, while others are posed to open up a conversation around the creation of artistic partnerships, techniques of centralized and decentralized production, the management of cultural venues, audience outreach, and community relationships, and artistic planning and strategy.

To watch the interview please click here.

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