Concluding the training curriculum within the Business Planning component, and launching the Mentorship programme

Following their engagement in three digital workshops around Financial Management, Business Planning, Fundraising, and Marketing, participating enterprises have begun working with select experts based in Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, and Jordan, who will be providing specialized mentorship over the span of three months, focusing on the challenges and priorities of each enterprise for the coming two years, available resources and areas of vulnerability, and their ability to utilize and implement the concepts and skills acquired in the digital workshops. Each mentor was selected based on the enterprises’ needs and points of focus as they develop practical business plans, as well as the qualities and experiences they look for in a mentor.
The mentorship component will also culminate in a closing ceremony where each enterprise will share with their peers their mission for the years 2023 and 2024, their fundraising strategy, their marketing and promotion strategy, and the tools they have gained through their participation in the programme. The list of mentors includes Sabreen AbdulRahman, Ahmed Al Attar, Abdullah Al Kafri, Raed Asfour, Marina Barham, and Anas Darkaoui.

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