Maharat's Technical Training Updates | 2022 Edition

Participants in the 2022 edition of Maharat’s technical training have completed the first half of their programme which includes 90 hours of class work in Sound, Light, and Stage Management Techniques. The programme also included Light and Sound installations in local venues such as Shams Theatre, Monnot Theatre, and Metro Al Madina, and guest speakers in each category such as US-based Stage Manager Fouad Hassan and previous trainee turned part time Technician at Zoukak Studio, Antonella Rizk. She was invited to speak to this year’s trainees and share her professional accomplishments following the training, what motivates her to work and seek out creative experiences, and how the expertise of her trainers elevated her ability to handle technical difficulties. The second half of the programme includes 24 hours of common work with trainer Ossama Halal, where trainees will be reading and analyzing three contemporary texts from the Arab and Western world, and selecting scenes to adapt as visual presentations, to be showcased as group graduation projects, in addition to the individual final projects being submitted in each category separately.

The second half of the programme is also focused on internship opportunities with artists performing during the training period, as well as with Al Madina Theatre, Monnot, Shams, and Metro Al Madina, in addition to Zoukak Sidewalks Festival which is hosting trainees in all three categories. Our sincere gratitude goes out to the artists and venues supporting the trainees throughout the 2022 edition of the training and sharing their knowledge and experiences with the new generation entering the performing arts sector.

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