Launching AHLIYEH: Emergency Response Initiative Addressing the Needs of those Impacted by the February 2023 Earthquake

“Ettijahat - Independent Culture” and “Action for Hope” announce the launch of the " Ahliyeh" (civil) initiative, which will provide an emergency response to those affected by the earthquake that hit northern Syria and southern Turkey in February.  This initiative will last for six months in cooperation with a number of international and local civil society organisations, civil groups working in different fields, and institutions in the arts and culture sector.

The initiative aims to provide direct support to those affected by the earthquake to help alleviate the catastrophic humanitarian conditions they face. It will also promote and support the role of civil organisations working on the ground, enabling them to provide services that will help deal with the many crises that will arise following this disaster.

“Ahliyeh” draws its name from the many inspiring civil solidarity initiatives inside Syria and from the Syrian diaspora worldwide, underlining the importance of joining efforts among all civil and societal sectors. We believe that continued solidarity is essential to meet the needs of those affected by the earthquake, whose numbers will inevitably rise dramatically in the coming days and weeks.

The initiative includes various components that will be announced subsequently and that constitute a framework for providing support, services, and various activities that consider the needs arising in the short term.  In parallel, the two organisations are exploring with their partners the kind of support that is needed in the medium to long term, with full recognition of the importance of the complementarity of all efforts to meet the moral and material needs of those affected by the disaster.

We believe that showing unwavering and effective solidarity with those affected presents an opportunity for everyone to stand against injustice.  All efforts are required and necessary to deal with these unprecedented circumstances that further hinder the Syrian people’s right to a decent, free, and just life worthy of their struggles.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims’ families.


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