The Seventh Report on Cultural Policy in the Arab Region 2015

As part of the Cultural Policy in the Arab Region programme, Ettijahat- Independent Culture has released its seventh annual report, which commenced in 2009.

The report examines development in twenty-two countries since 2015 by examining cultural policy on a local level in each country and the work of several national groups devoted to cultural policy which collaborate between several countries.

The report includes developments and news in countries within the Levant (Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq), the Maghreb (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania), plus Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen.

The report consists of two chapters, the first of which is divided into three sections:

- Political and Legislative Developments monitors changes on political or governmental levels, plus laws and legislation which directly or indirectly affect the state of cultural policy.

- Civil Society and Public Freedoms showcases the most important activism undertaken by institutions and independent initiative activists on a social/cultural level.

- Regional and National Cooperation monitors cultural cooperation between cultural and national institutions active in the field.

The second chapter monitors several national cultural policy groups working within the framework of the programme which are active in most countries covered by the report. The chapter provides a review of some groups’ plans of action and their most important achievements.

To review the report, please download the file attached below. 

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