Five Research Papers on Contemporary Syrian Questions published by Research To Strengthen Culture of

Ettijahat- Independent Culture published, in association with Mamdouh Adwan Publishing House, a book titled Five Research Papers on Contemporary Syrian Questions.

Seven young researchers worked on the book, published as a part of the Research To Strengthen Culture of Knowledge programme 2015, in order to write five research papers including:

- Architectural Environment and Refugees by Alina Oueishek.

- The Body Between Presence and Absence by Ammar Al Maamoun.

- Refugee Theater by Omar Jbaee.

- Media as a Source of Knowledge: Its Role in Creating Cultural Trends in Society by Louay Alhammada, Maher Samaan and Naline Malla.

- The Images of The Tortured Body in Contemporary Syrian Fine Art by Mohammed Omran


“The Syrian crisis has captured the attention of many research centres, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations in many countries around the world,” writes Hassan Abbas, PhD in literature, in the book’s introduction. “Researchers from all over the world began discussing topics related to Syria. We cannot ignore the phenomenon, and we should not reject it for any reason whatsoever. We must, however, celebrate all national efforts to understand study and analyse the pressing issues and questions related to our homeland. Ettijahat- Independent Culture makes this a primary focus and this book is a fine example.”


Five Research Papers on Contemporary Syrian Questions is published with the support and collaboration of Mimeta: Center for culture sector development and arts cooperation and Mamdouh Adwan Publishing House.

You can download the book from here.


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