Research To Strengthen Culture of Knowledge programme publishes a training guide on cultural researc

Ettijahat- Independent Culture will publish, in association with Mamdouh Adwan Publishing House, a specialised training guide on cultural research design, by researcher Rama Najmeh.

The guide proposes a number of methods that can help researchers explore and learn more about research approaches and their suitability to different goals and lines of work. It also provides young researchers of different academic backgrounds, with the necessary knowledge of cultural research skills and practices.


The guide is divided into four chapters, the first of which covers the phases of conducting a research, starting from developing the research plan and identifying the issue, its importance and the research determinants. The chapter then discusses the processes of reviewing resulting ideas and identifying premises and questions, to conclude with outlining the research methodology, gathering of information and analysis, and the ethics of scientific research.

The second chapter covers the choosing of the research social field and sample, as well as the tools that it will use. The third chapter outlines types of research methods, while the final chapter discusses the publication design.


The guide aims at building young researchers’ capabilities in cultural areas, as a part of the Research To Strengthen Culture of Knowledge programme. The programme aims at bridging the significant gap in knowledge transfer on cultural research, which the need for is more evident than ever.


You can download the book from here.


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