Senior Administrative Officer

About Ettijahat- Independent Culture

Ettijahat- Independent Culture is a cultural organization founded in the end of 2011. Ettijahat seeks to activate and render the role of independent culture and arts more positive, in the process of cultural and social change. Ettijahat tries to achieve that by supporting artists and undertakers of cultural initiatives, enabling young researchers, working to build consensus and alliances between individuals and cultural institutions, promoting the arts and artists through regional and international platforms, and helping Syrian communities wherever they are have access to culture and arts.


Applications should be sent to and should include the following:

1- A detailed CV listing the applicant’s employment history (in reverse chronological order), including all relevant skills and language proficiency.

2- A cover letter explaining at some length why the applicant decided to apply for this position and the reasons why he/she is interested in working with Ettijahat.

3- A photocopy of the applicant’s valid passport.


Job Title: Senior Administrative Officer

Deadline for Applications: May15th, 2018

Job Type: Full time

The following job is available to Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians or those of any other nationality who have a residency and a work permit in Lebanon.

Job description: The Senior Administrative Officer is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the administrative affairs of the organisation, keeping track of the implementation of the annual plan and keeping abreast with the organisational activities related to cooperative arrangements and relations with service providers and donors and partners. In addition, the Senior Administrative Officer keeps track of the implementation of human resources plan and remains attentive to the application of the rules and systems in accordance with the law.



Planning related tasks

  • Contribute to drafting overall annual, strategic plans, program strategies and work plans
  • Oversee and ensure the timely drafting of program reports to donors and Ettijahat Board of Trustees
  • Take on resource mobilization through expanding network of potential donors, contribute to draft proposal and seek other funding channels (through new donors or the private sector)
  • Monitor the implementation of the organisation’s annual plan with an eye to ensuring that it is carried out in accordance with the established timeframe and at the standards required by beneficiaries
  • Remain attentive to the activities and events in which the organisation’s director takes part and coordinate travel programmes and meetings


Office financial administration, managerial and representative tasks

  • Coordinate and monitor administrative affairs in collaboration with the director of the organisation.
  • Design administrative policies, rules and regulations.
  • Work closely and on a daily-basis with Ettijahat  financial officer and stay informed of the financial situation of the office
  • Discuss with financial officer  the financial needs of the office (program related, administrative, etc.)
  • Approve purchase orders and support budget development
  • Assume full charge of the representation of the organization  before state authorities as needed
  • Take charge of all legal aspects of the office and staff registration
  • Represent the organization  vis-à-vis donors, attend meetings and cultural events to maintain a strong visibility of Ettijahat in the public
  • Provide guidance to the staff of on all HR and employment matters as needed
  • Contribute to the development and update of the human resources plan
  • Keep track of communications, maintain the archives and support the programmes in their administrative affairs
  • The Senior Administrative Officer may be delegated by the organisation’s director to manage and organise activities as needed by the organisation



  • He/she must have a university degree in a branch of Business Management plus no less than three years of experience in an administrative position
  • Familiarity with the legal frameworks for companies and organisations
  • Expertise in human resource management
  • Experience in developing strategies and good understanding of monitoring and evaluation principles
  • Experience in budgeting (program and administrative) and confidence in handling financial reports and figure
  • Strong computer skills and proficiency with different programmes and working on Google Drive
  • Fluency in Arabic and English. Proficiency in French is an asset.
  • Strong communication and writing skills and capability to adapt communication according to needs
  • Flexibility in adapting to unexpected circumstances, and capability to find solutions for challenges and bottle necks
  • Willingness to travel
  • Readiness to work over-time when needed

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