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AMAKEN: Research, Production and Networking Spaces

AMAKEN is a project to support Syrian and Syrian-Palestinian artists, researchers, and cultural directors in the creative process by providing opportunities to work in spaces equipped to produce diverse cultural projects through the mediums of theatre, cinema, cultural research, and graphic design. The pilot initiative, undertaken in partnership with Sunflower Cultural Space, Fabrika and Studio Koon, will take place in Lebanon over a one-year period.

AMAKEN aims to provide opportunities for networking between Syrian artists and their peers by facilitating their presence in creative platforms, collaborating in artistic production, and sharing their work with a diverse audience.


Project Services

The project contributes in many areas, mainly through Ettijahat, and in partnership with other concerned institutions.

I. Providing Spaces

Art spaces are provided to individuals and groups working on actual projects. The duration of support is estimated according to the nature of the project and the availability of premises.

  • Training spaces for performing arts including theatre, dance, and some musical projects
  • Spaces for trainings and idea development
  • Spaces for researchers, cultural managers, emerging institutions, and artistic initiatives
  • Workspaces for writers and different creative fields

II. Technical Services

  • Technical equipment for performing arts
  • Books, references, and research papers in Arabic and other languages that can be consulted in hard copy or electronically
  • Technical expertise and exchange of knowledge with the partner institutions


Duration of Support

The duration of support is agreed on with each applicant depending on his/her project’s needs, noting that the project cannot exceed 8 weeks and that it can be divided into 2 parts, maximum. The standard periodic cycle is as follows:

  • Receiving the application
  • Application selection with the partner institution  
  • Approval and agreement on terms with the applicant
  • Orientation visit to introduce the applicant to the partner institution
  • Receiving support to develop the project within a timeframe ranging from 2 to 8 weeks
  • Final evaluation of the support experience


Projects not Supported by AMAKEN

AMAKEN initiative seeks to support artists and cultural actors whose circumstances prevent them from finding the adequate spaces or venues to develop their projects and implement them. Thus, AMAKEN does NOT support:

  • Projects supported by Ettijahat during the same period as its other programmes.
  • Projects for Syrians not residing in Lebanon, unless they are able to cover their entire stay in Lebanon
  • Projects that require less than a week to prepare (1-day workshops, talks, …)



I. Beneficiaries' Role with Ettijahat and Partners

  1. Creating a professional relationship with Ettijahat and the host partner
  2. Respecting the space where work is carried out, abiding by its rules, and ensuring its safety
  3. Informing the partner institution of any notes or details that would hinder the progress of the work

II. Partner Institutions' Role with Beneficiaries

  1. Providing the necessary and optimal logistical and technical support in accordance with the grant agreement
  2. Maintaining the artistic independence of entrepreneurs and refraining from any interference with their work during its artistic creation
  3. Linking entrepreneurs with individuals and entities to help promote them


Partner institutions

I.Sunflower Cultural Space


III.Studio Koon


To download the application form, and read the FAQs, please click on the files below.

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