Fabrika is a modular platform for projects in the creative, cultural, social, and technological fields. As a space, Fabrika hosts diverse initiatives: events, workshops, projects, and exhibitions. The versatile Event Space and Media Space allow for different types of interaction with the audience, while the Library & News Room gives access to resources, research material, online courses and selected collections.

In addition to its own projects, Fabrika creates tailored information management and online archiving tools for cultural institutions and NGOs through a specific collaborative process that brings together professionals from different backgrounds.

What does Fabrika offer?

  • Daily access to the workspace (Mondays to Fridays from 8 am till 8 pm)
  • Access to Fabrika’s resources:
    • Workspace with desks and related amenities
    • Library & Newsroom
    • Media space with related facilities(for content-creation and post-production)
    • Playroom
    • Kitchen
    • Internet access
    • Personal consumption of coffee, tea and water
  • 1 slot per month (4 hours) in the Event Space (170 sqm), with an audience of up to 30ppl, including essential equipment and beverages (coffee/tea/water)

الحقوق محفوظة اتجاهات- ثقافة مستقلة 2019
تم دعم تأسيس اتجاهات. ثقافة مستقلة بمنحة من برنامج عبارة - مؤسسة المورد الثقافي