Studio Koon

Studio Koon is an experimental venue that was established by a number of multi-talented artists from different nationalities living in Lebanon. It aims to be a communication platform for artists where they can enhance, develop, and experiment with performing tools that will build a multi-talented performer. The group shares its experiences with young artists through workshops that trains them to become trainers in camps, schools, associations, and remote areas deprived of a structured cultural scene.

Koon theatrical group works in the performance field (theatre production – workshops). It is a creative space for activities. The group holds theatrical trainings that focus on developing the style and form of theatrical performances by transmitting knowledge to their appropriate social context.

What does Studio Koon offer?

  • Daily access to the training space (Mondays to Saturdays from 10am till 2pm)
  • Access to Studio Koon resources:
    • Training and event space equipped with mirrors and dance/performance floor (17x7.3m)
    • Technical area with sound equipment (Sound Mixer 12 Channel, 2 Speakers, Light Dimmer 12 Channel * 3K, Lights mixer)
    • Small storage
    • Small workshop for decor
    • Library
    • Miscellaneous spaces for multiple use and installations

Remark: The studio can host artistic groups of up to 20 people.

الحقوق محفوظة اتجاهات- ثقافة مستقلة 2019
تم دعم تأسيس اتجاهات. ثقافة مستقلة بمنحة من برنامج عبارة - مؤسسة المورد الثقافي