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Premier Screening of Ibrahim, Lina Al Abd’s film in Copenhagen

Mar 2019

The first premier of the film Ibrahim from the director Lina Al Abd, which was supported in the Laboratory of Arts program, took place in Copenhagen within CPH:DOX on the 23rd, 25th, and 28th March 2019.

Ibrahim is a documentary film that centers around the journey the director took to make peace with her family story and her identity, through trying to understand the choices her father made and their impact on how everyone in her family made their decisions after that. Her father, Ibrahim Al Abd was a secret member of the Organization of the Palestinian Revolutionary Council. In 1987, when he left for an ordinary mission, Lina was 6 years old. Her father left and never came back. Lina was raised in a home that was concurred by silence, living with her mother Najat who have raised her five children in Damascus.

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