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“The Other I” the first project supported by AMAKEN Initiative in 2019

Mar 2019

Directed and composed by Maryam Samaan, The Other is the first project that was supported by the AMAKEN initiative in 2019, and will be showing in the Studio Zoukak on the 4th and 5th April 2019 at 8pm. The project is an installation that contains a puppet theatre performance. For more details on the show please Click Here.

AMAKEN is a project to support Syrian and Syrian-Palestinian artists, researchers, and cultural directors in the creative process by providing opportunities to work in spaces equipped to produce diverse cultural projects through the mediums of theatre, cinema, cultural research, and graphic design. The pilot initiative, undertaken in partnership with Sunflower Cultural Space, Fabrika and Studio Koon, will take place in Lebanon over a one-year period. AMAKEN aims to provide networking opportunities between Syrian artists and their peers by facilitating their presence in creative platforms, collaborating in artistic production, and sharing their work with a diverse audience.

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