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Opening the Call for the Sixth Edition of Laboratory of Arts: Apply Now!

Mar 2019

Ettijahat announces the launch of the sixth edition of Laboratory of Arts Programme in collaboration with Goethe-Institut. The open call is for all artists interested in applying to the following categories: Creative writing, Cinema, Animation, Theatre Dance and Preforming Arts, Visual Arts including Painting, Installation and Graphic Design, and Music.

Receiving applications of Syrian and Palestinian Syrian artists will continue until the 31 May 2019. The total value of the support reaches 10.000$ for Theatre and Cinema and 6.000$ for the rest of Categories.

The evaluation is conducted through specialized and independent committees that select 15 new artistic projects to join 65 artists who have been supported by the program during its previous five editions.

The Syrian Artist Support Programme - Laboratory of Arts is a programme being launched by Ettijahat- Independent Culture, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. It directly focuses on Syrian artists and cultural organisations, and seeks to create a supportive and free environment for creative practices. It responds to new possibilities as they emerge. It also aims to empower artists and organisations, enabling them to accomplish and develop their creativity through a substantial grants scheme.

To read the terms and conditions and for FAQ please Click Here.

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