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Integration through Culture and Arts - Models of Integration Policies in Montreal

Ettijahat is launching within Cultural Priorities in Syria Programme a research paper titled Integration through Culture and Arts - Models of Integration Policies in Montreal for the Researcher Yazan Al Sharif.

This research paper is based on the assumption that the concept of cultural integration can limit the scale of various conflicts and reduce the level of marginalization experienced by a large number of Syrians in Syria and in the countries of exile. So, what is the concept of integration? What is the role that art can play in the social and cultural integration? Are there any policies and practices that specify in that matter?

The paper presents the concept of cultural integration as a modern concept that was presented to the western intellect and started to spread widely. It aims to introduce this concept and some of its methods to the reader by providing examples. It also focuses on the importance of cultural integration through art, assuming that enabling the public from participating in different artistic activities is a fundamental tool to reach collaborative societies. All of which will push citizens whatever their cultural background to accept the other and to coexist, which will enable the marginalized groups of these societies to spread their own culture and consume the cultural products and services. Participation in these activities can also play a key role in helping people and communities overcome poverty and social exclusion.

You can download and read the paper in Arabic by Clicking Here.

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