The First Edition of AJYAL: Nine Grants to Recipients in Four Countries

Ettijahat – Independent Culture is pleased to announce the recipients of the grants provided under the first edition of AJYAL: A program to Support Arts Education Initiative, which is aimed at those interested in pursuing their artistic education during the current academic year 2019-2020. Nine students were selected in four artistic categories: Theater & Performing Arts, Fine Arts & Architecture, Cinema, and Music.
The jury ensured that the level of academic and/or personal achievement of the student was the basic criteria for selection, in addition to the student's commitment and interest in pursuing the artistic career. The jury also focused on the living conditions in the country of study and the possibilities and opportunities available for applicants to complete their studies. Grants were distributed on supported categories according to the number of applications received.

Four of the students who received the grant will complete their studies in Syria, one student in Lebanon and four in Europe. Three students study bachelor's degrees, while six students study master's degrees. The names of the recipients are as follows:  
Three students study bachelor's degrees, while sex students study master's degrees. The names of the recipients are as follows:
Theater & Performing Arts: Adam Alshami & Sherin Abdulaziz (Shared) - Fares Khleif - Wael Salem
Fine Arts & Architecture: Talah Alshami - Salam Sharaf Aldeen - Majd Suliman
Cinema: Afraa Batous
Music: Omar Jammol
For more details on the grantees, please click here. 

And the names of selection committees are as follows:
Theater & Performing Arts: Eric Deniaud (France), Julia kassar (Lebanon), Mostafa Aboud (Syria) 
Fine Arts & Architecture: Boutros Al-Maari (Syria), Mwafaq Katt (Syria), Rana Haddad (Lebanon)
Cinema: Abderrahmane Lahy (Mauritania), Hala Alabdalla (Syria), Mohamed Al-Daradji (Iraq)
Music: Andre Hajj (Lebanon), Athil Hamdan (Syria), Mustafa Said (Egypt)  
About the selection process, Athil Hamdan, Music’s selection committee member, said: "I see AJYAL grants, as a true cultural project whose main objective is to help young artists to pursue and complete their studies and projects, and that it will truly help to strengthen and to expand the cultural base in our country. The selection criteria set by the institution are scientific, practical, highly scalable and consistent with the institution's long-term goals and cultural and humanitarian orientations. The jury was able to examine the applicants' history of study and achievements and to identify their track of development and the compatibility of their academic and practical history with the grant subject or project."

Also, Julia Kassar, Theater’s selection committee member said: "I am pleased that I have been invited this year to be a member of the jury responsible for identifying grantees who will pursue studies in all theatrical disciplines: acting, directing, dramaturgy, scenography, theater education, and cultural activism. It was very difficult to choose who was eligible for the grant, but the selection task became less complicated when we relied on the criteria used in the selection mechanism, which focused on five main points: motivation and application significance, academic and personal achievement, the linkage between study and professional future, compatibility and jury member's preference, and living situation in the country of study. After examining the applications carefully, it was found that those who had high grades had a remarkable biography showing high academic qualifications, distinguished varied field experiences, and an excellent motivation letter clearly defining their future course."

"With the announcement of the results of the first edition of AJYAL Initiative, we will take the first step towards achieving Ettijahat's new goal to invest in a new generation of artists," said Abdulla Al Kafri, Ettijahat's Executive Manager, "the grant recipients under the first edition of AJYAL will be part of the art producers in the coming years. We are offering them better conditions to focus on their academic achievement."

More information on arbitration is available in this video

These grants cover the current academic year's tuition costs. There is also the possibility of continuing to provide support until the completion of study, depending on each student's status and potential for continuation. Ettijahat had launched an open call for three months to receive applications. 

AJYAL grants aim to enable young Syrians to pursue the academic studies and education needed for their future in the arts, and to support with the art tuition costs through full or partial funding, ranging from US $ 1,200 to US $ 4,000 depending on the country, tuition costs and economic status.

The project AJYAL is implemented by Ettijahat in partnership with DOEN Foundation as part of the Grant scheme of the HOPES project funded by European Union's Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the “Madad Fund" and implemented by the German Academic Exchange (DAAD) together with the British Council, Campus France and Nuffic.

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