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Watch the Questions of Artists on the Benefits of Arts in Communities

Aug 2019

In light of the rapid changes in production processes and the reception of community arts, and in response to our question about possible ways to enhance social impact in the context of artistic practices, the focus of the On the Brink of Change Forum was on the benefit of arts in societies. A group of activists and artists in the creative and social field have contemplated a number of questions such as: What is the importance of rethinking the linguistic terms used within the different fields of art? Can we achieve change if we do not hold accountable the concepts and terminology? What is the artist's responsibility for the disaster? How can we know the disaster? What are the unlearned lessons by society and decision-makers and how can creative practices of stereotypes be liberalized with respect to working with communities?

In the aim of destabilizing the current knowledge and creating a space for the question about the new, Ettijahat constantly ask these questions through a film which is based on talks and discussions that took place in the On the Brink of Change forum, which was held on the 12th and 13th of February 2019, as the closing event of the 2nd edition of Create Syria in partnership with the British Council.

To watch the video, please click here.

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