17 New Grants Offered under the Sixth Edition of Laboratory of Arts Program 2019

Ettijahat-Independent Culture is pleased to announce the projects which will be supported as part of the 6th edition of the Laboratory of Arts program. The program provides support in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. Ettijahat will support 17 projects in five artistic and literary categories which will result in three theatrical performances, three musical albums, three documentaries, and three visual projects ranging from photography, visual shows, and art installations. In addition, Ettijahat supports the publishing of five literary projects, three of which are published in cooperation with the Mamdouh Adwan Publishing House.

The jury committees were keen to select the most outstanding projects in terms of subject, matter and artistic presentation. The committees considered the artistic quality of the projects as a fundamental criterion for selection. The diversity of expertise among the artists was also taken into account so as to include those who are at the start of their career and those who are more established. When selecting the projects, the committees also focused on the factors of novelty and innovation on the artistic level.

Five art projects will be implemented in Syria, six projects in the neighboring countries to Syria, and six projects for artists residing in European countries, with an amount exceeding $ 120,000.


Cinema and Animation: Reham Al-Qassar (Until), Warsheh roup (Born in a Coffin), Yanal Mansour (Captain Maher).

Visual Arts: Rahaf Demashqi (Golden Paths), Omar Malas (Raven Eye), Heba Alansari (Dragée).

Creative Writing: Ayham Alsahli (Scenarios of Tony’s Story), Joan Teterr (Turn Back to the Flag), Firas Almassarani (Unfamiliar Passage) equally with Alaa Rashidi (The Mirror's Seductions between Music and Tales).

Theater and Performing Arts: Hoor Malas (Resonator), Sara Eltawil (Nowhere), Alaa Addin Alem (Sinking) equally with Fares Alzahaby (Rebellious Plays)

Music: Basilius Alawad (Beyond Memories), Ronahi Almamo (Mulia Al-Banat), Mevan Younes (Ether).

Jury Committees:

Cinema and Animation: Rasha Salti (Canada), Orwa Nyrabia (Syria), Hala Galal (Egypt)

Visual Arts: Buthayna Ali (Syria), Tarek Abou Elfetouh (Egypt), Hrair Sarkissian (Syria)

Creative Writing: Iskandar Habache (Lebanon), Samar Yazbek (Syria), Maram Massri (Syria)

Theater and Performing Arts: Zeyneb Farhat (Tunisia), Omar Abu Saada (Syria), Yassir Abdallatif (Sudan)

Music: Charif Sehnaoui (Lebanon), Shafi Badreddin (Syria), Ghalia Benali (Tunisia)

The projects selected are scheduled to be implemented from mid-August 2019 until the end of August 2020. For two months, Ettijahat launched an open call to receive support applications for artistic and literary projects. 117 projects competed for support.

For more details on supported projects, please click here. For more details on support applications received by the Ettijahat, please click here.

The Laboratory of Arts is a program dedicated to supporting Syrian artists. Through this program, Ettijahat addresses Syrian artists and cultural entities and supports their creative practices to be responsive to their new places of residence. The program promotes artistic expressions and provides opportunities for independent creators to be able to present their artworks. It aims to support the production of new artworks in all forms of artistic and creative expression. Since its inception in 2014, the program has offered 82 artistic grants. 

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