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Revealing the Visual Identity of the Second Edition of the MINA: Artistic Ports and Passages

Oct 2019

We are delighted to reveal the visual identity of the second edition of the MINA Forum, which will be organized by Ettijahat in Beirut from 29 November to 4 December 2019 in partnership with the Goethe-Institut. The MINA Forum aims to celebrate the work of Syrian artists in Syria, neighboring countries and abroad. The Forum includes theatrical, cinematic, visual, and musical performances of a number of art projects that have been supported by the Laboratory of Arts program. Programming for this edition focuses on the subject of memory and its artistic and literary reflections and practices that encapsulate this old or renewed subject, invoking what artists produced during the stormy years of transition in Syria over the past eight years or in Lebanon, the region and the world.

Stay tuned for the detailed program of the MINA Forum in November 2019.

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