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On Protecting Imagination and Creation: Needs Assessment of the Performing Arts Sector in Lebanon

Defying the Odds: Research on the Social Value and Impact of Projects Aiming to Protect Syrian Intangible Cultural Heritage

Ammar Almamoun | Danger as an aesthetic agent in Documentary Filmmaking

Arts and Uncertainty: Designing Creative Interventions in Time of Crisis

The Seventh Edition of the Research Programme’s Booklet of Abstracts

Three translated research papers on Creative Industries in Syria published | Book your copy now!

The Social and Cultural Functions of Syrian Cuisine and Its Shifts since 2011 for Researcher Nour Abo Farraj

Syrian Turkmen in Turkish Exile – A Study of the Problem of Cultural Identity Following the Syrian Crisis 2011

Research Programme- Sixth Edition- Booklet of Abstracts

The English Version of the Research The Role of Arts and Culture in Reconciliation and Civil Peace in Post-Conflict Countries

Integration through Culture and Arts - Models of Integration Policies in Montreal

This research paper is based on the assumption that the concept of cultural integration can limit the scale of various conflicts and reduce the level of marginalization experienced by a large number of Syrians in Syria and in the countries of exile. So, what is the concept of integration? What is the role that art can play in the social and cultural integration? Are there any policies and practices that specify in that matter?

Syrian Art Production: Support Models and Sustainability Challenges

The research paper discusses the problem of the remarkable changes to Syrian production support frameworks in the years that began with the Syrian revolution until 2017, as well as the impact of this change and its new methods in sustaining the Syrian artist's work under the difficult circumstances of scattering and transformations of the Syrian cultural scene in rapid political and social changes.

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