Syrian Entity for arts and culture News:

Ettijahat. Independent Culture is grounded in the belief that independent culture and arts are created in the core of great transition processes, and moreover, that they pave the way for these transitions both directly and indirectly.

Ettijahat is grounded in the conviction that independent culture promotes active citizenship and encourages changes not only in ideas, but also in behaviour.

Ettijahat is grounded in the conviction that Syria is varied, diverse, intellectually productive, and artistically authentic, and that culture is the right of every Syrian citizen.

Syria is capable of changing in order to become a democratic country. At this time, it is undergoing a general trend of transition, more ethical than political, maturing on the level of values before maturing on the level of politics.

Ettijahat is grounded in the notion that cultural institutions are a genuine part of Syrian society, which represents a final and valuable choice that demands high, mutual commitments from the surrounding society.

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