AJYAL: A Programme to Support Arts Education

Academic Year | 2023-2024

Ahmad Mouhmmad Dahed Darwish

Fourth year student - Acting Department - Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts - Damascus, Syria.

He was involved in theatrical acting from a young age, and later participated in many workshops and performances at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. In Syria, he dedicated his efforts to the civil field, providing essential psychological support to children, both boys and girls, who were affected by various challenges. To alleviate their hardships, he involved them in performances, utilizing the therapeutic power of art to help them cope with their experiences. As he approaches his graduation year, his aspiration is to create an artistic project that will leave a lasting imprint, reflecting the depth of his visual and emotional memories that shaped him into the artist he is today.

Nada Feras Hamzh

Second-year student - Acting Department - Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts - Damascus, Syria.

She has participated in several activities, including music, public speaking, and sports. Alongside her university life, she acquired hand and digital drawing skills. After starting her studies in acting with the School of Dramatic Art, she found her true calling and decided to pursue her academic journey in this field.

Nada Shanata

Fifth-year student - Department of Architecture - Tishreen University - Lattakia, Syria.

A painter who started her artistic journey by participating in school exhibitions and expanding her skills to incorporate handicrafts, collages, and even woodwork. She has mentored over 20 students as they pursued their studies in the College of Architecture. Her future goal is to focus on the slums in her area of residence, known as "the southern (Palestinian) sand," (Arraml al-Janoubi) through training initiatives aimed at preserving the residents' memories and fostering connections with the larger city community.

Rafi Qusai Shalgin

Second-year student - Opera Singing - Higher Institute of Music - Damascus, Syria.

His profound passion lies in music, both singing and playing, which he discovered at a young age. His aspirations revolve around enriching the understanding of operatic music in Syria through the creation of workshops. Over the years, he has actively participated in numerous plays and concerts, gaining invaluable experience in harnessing his voice and contributing to the production of performing arts.

Sebar Alsameh

Second-year student - Department of Painting and Photography - Faculty of Fine Arts - Damascus University - Damascus, Syria.

He grew up in the city of Salamiyah, Hama Governorate, where he started nurturing his drawing skills at the young age of three, capturing the essence of the desert and its diverse elements. As his artistic abilities flourished, he found himself teaching drawing to children, and also engaging as a trainer for youth programmes and a facilitator for community discussion sessions. Additionally, he took the initiative to create projects focused on fostering community unity through painting.

Sham Mhd Assem Sukkar

Fourth-year student - Dance Department - Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts - Damascus, Syria.

Despite the significance of the knowledge Sham gains from her studies on technical and cognitive levels, she recognizes the value of exploring various other artistic realms. She feels a strong desire to delve into music, performance arts, and the intricacies of theatrical production, as this will offer her a more holistic and comprehensive artistic perspective. Her thirst for knowledge knows no bounds, and she is continually seeking ways to augment her skills as a dancer, striving to attain a pinnacle of professionalism in her chosen field.

Jury Committee:

Fadi Alassaf (Syria), Mariam Ali (Syria), Omar Abusaada (Syria), Razan Kassar (Syria), Soudade Kaadan(Syria)

The Jury Statement

Ajyal programme holds a unique significance within the array of programmes offered by Ettijahat - Independent Culture. Notably, the programme distinguishes itself by its commitment to supporting and showcasing emerging young talents in the creative sphere. What sets it apart is its specific focus on "academic students" from diverse artistic and creative disciplines who are fully immersed in their practical studies or physical training, leaving them with little time for other pursuits. Undeniably, this context makes the prospect of self-employment a profound mental and physical reward for any student involved in the programme.
The process of evaluating the applications was a captivating journey where we delved into the lives of applicants, discovering their dreams and visions. We made every effort to thoroughly review the Ajyal grant submissions, taking into consideration their economic, humanitarian, technical, and academic circumstances. The selection committee established a unified evaluation mechanism and conducted group assessments during the arbitration stage. We are immensely proud of the quantity and quality of applications received from Syria. It's essential to emphasize the hardships faced by art students in Syria, as they navigate their chosen path, juggling work, research, and dedication beyond their university courses. Completing their projects comes with significant costs, and they invest long hours in study and research after their regular commitments. We hope that the programme's support framework will expand in future editions to encompass a larger number of deserving applicants. For those who didn't receive support this time, we encourage them to reapply in the next editions and keep producing their remarkable work. We enjoyed exploring their creations, and we encourage those who rushed their applications to take their time in future times.

The aim of AJYAL is to provide educational opportunities for young Syrian students in various arts fields by covering part or all of the costs of their studies distributed over the year of study. AJYAL has been designed to hone the skills of the new generation of artists and art students, to make all forms of artistic expression accessible for young Syrians, and to create channels of communication between younger and the older generations.
For more information or enquiries, contact us via: ajyal@ettijahat.org

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