AJYAL: A Programme to Support Arts Education | Joint Edition with Saint-Joseph University of Beirut

Postgraduate degrees in theatre and film studies – Academic Year | 2023-2024

Nour Tarek Khair-Alanam

Masters in Cinema - Introduce for Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematic Studies - Saint Joseph University -Beirut.

A theater and film director, born in the Yarmouk camp, he graduated from Damascus University with a degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics and pursued his passion for filmmaking by applying for the master's degree in cinema at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, after making two short films. He completed his education at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts with theoretical research on the management of theater productions. Driven by his numerous endeavors, he actively sought an academic environment that could provide the ideal space for accommodating his inquisitive nature and aspirations within this industry.

Salwa Hatem Arsalan

Masters in Theater - Institute for Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematic Studies - Saint Joseph University -Beirut.

A graduate of the Department of Dramatic Studies from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, she studied at the Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Damascus University. Proficient as a dramaturg and theater instructor, she actively engaged in numerous artistic endeavors, both in Syria and Lebanon, the most recent of which was with Koon Theater in Lebanon. A researcher and journalist, she has made valuable contributions as a script developer and drama advisor in several Syrian film projects. She co-founded the "Prova" project, an artistic workshop that fosters collaboration with diverse artists with a focus on researching contemporary issues and cultivating the seeds of artistic projects.

Jury Committee:

Ghada Sayegh (Lebanon), Hanan Hajj Ali (Lebanon), Hanan Kassab-Hassan (Syria)

The Jury Statement:

Candidates have displayed exceptional qualifications, creativity, motivation, and a resolute determination to excel, that is why the committee faced an arduous task in selecting the recipients of this support. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners while also conveying our best wishes to those who, unfortunately, did not get the opportunity to receive the grant. We remain hopeful that future opportunities will present themselves, enabling these gifted individuals to continue their creative pursuits and rightfully claim their place in the vibrant landscape of contemporary art and culture.

This new framework of the Ajyal Programme services aims to increase opportunities for knowledge and academic support in the Syrian artistic scene, by providing two grants annually, each of 4800 Euros, for those wishing to pursue postgraduate studies. In addition to supporting the development of linguistic skills.
This component was added based on the recommendations of Ettijahat’s first ten-year evaluation, which emphasized the importance of designing additional responses to the cultural scene in Syria, and as a result of a cooperation agreement signed with the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut in 2022.
For more information or inquiries, contact us via: ajyalusj@ettijahat.org

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