SANAD: A Legal Support Initiative for Artists and Cultural Practitioners

1. About Sanad Initiative

The purpose of ‘Sanad’ initiative is to provide legal services to artists in the Arab World and Europe. The pilot phase of the initiative will be launched in Lebanon, in cooperation with the Legal Agenda and with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. The initiative aims to enable artists to better adapt to new environments and enhance their self-regulation abilities.  

Sanad initiative was inspired by the need to uphold the principles of humanity, liberty, justice, and solidarity with all members of the creative community, with a particular focus on providing legal aid.

2. Sanad Activities

First: Research

The research aspect of the initiative aims to review the fundamental laws that govern the work of artists in Lebanon and to identify the main opportunities and frameworks through which they can take action and organize their work. The research effort will adopt a service-based, exploratory approach that seeks to identify key regulations related to the work and presence of artists and cultural actors, in an attempt to find answers to their common questions.

Second: Legal Advice

Legal advice will be provided as part of the initiative in order to respond to problems, issues and queries that artists and cultural actors may encounter in Lebanon and to help them follow-up on some of these issues and problems.

3. Working Mechanism

Legal advice is provided to actors in the fields of arts and culture through competent attorneys specialized in rights-based and cultural fields. This is achieved by answering queries and following up on certain challenges encountered by the said actors.

Applications can be submitted year-round through a permanently available email. To submit applications or queries, please contact us on

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