Ettijahat: Reflecting on the First Decade and Creating the Future

A Moment of Art: Beyond Geographical Confinement

On Protecting Imagination and Creation: Needs Assessment of the Performing Arts Sector in Lebanon

Defying the Odds: Research on the Social Value and Impact of Projects Aiming to Protect Syrian Intangible Cultural Heritage

Ammar Almamoun | Danger as an aesthetic agent in Documentary Filmmaking

Arts and Uncertainty: Designing Creative Interventions in Time of Crisis

The Seventh Edition of the Research Programme’s Booklet of Abstracts

Three translated research papers on Creative Industries in Syria published | Book your copy now!

The Social and Cultural Functions of Syrian Cuisine and Its Shifts since 2011 for Researcher Nour Abo Farraj

Syrian Turkmen in Turkish Exile – A Study of the Problem of Cultural Identity Following the Syrian Crisis 2011

Research Programme- Sixth Edition- Booklet of Abstracts

The English Version of the Research The Role of Arts and Culture in Reconciliation and Civil Peace in Post-Conflict Countries

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