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Call for Applications: An Intensive Training in Lighting Design, Production and Stage Management Techniques in Performing Arts

In partnership with the Sundance Institute Theater Program,  St. Joseph University of Beirut -IESAV and Drosos Foundation, Ettijahat-Independent Culture is pleased to announce a call for applications for free intensive training in lighting design, production and stage management techniques in performing arts. The training will be held between March 11 and 21, 2020 in Beirut.

This intensive training is aimed at all students and practitioners of performing arts residing in Lebanon. It seeks to develop their expertise in the mentioned fields and provide them with knowledge of different theatrical experiences and approaches.

Main Dates

- 19 November 2019: Application opening date

- 19 December 2019 at 23:59 (Beirut time): Application closing date

- 16 January 2020: Notifying participants of selection results

- 11-21 March 2020: Conducting the intensive training at the St. Joseph University of Beirut -IESAV


Any person engaged with performing arts (actors, writers, directors, technicians, art students, and team managers) residing in Lebanon may apply to the training. This includes non-academic performing arts practitioners.

The training consists of two sections: the first is common to all participants. The second is more specialized, where participants are divided to work with an expert in a chosen field. Participants can choose one of the following trainings:

- Intensive training in lighting techniques in performing arts

- Intensive training in theater production management

- Intensive training in stage management techniques

The training consists of 50 hours of work executed for over ten days (2:00 pm to 7:00 pm). It is led by a number of performing arts experts from the United States and the Sundance Institute network.

The training language is English; however, fluency in the English language (conversation or writing) is not a requirement to apply or attend the training.

The application closing date is 19 December 2019. Applications must be submitted via email:


A committee composed of representatives from Ettijahat and the Sundance Institute will evaluate the applications in partnership with the trainers. Successful applicants will be notified and the results will be announced on the Ettijahat and Sundance Institute websites.


Training requires daily commitment at the St. Joseph University of Beirut -IESAV. Applicants are required to attend all training days. The training is intended for a maximum of 18 participants.


MAHARAT: Developing the Skills of Performing Arts Artists and Technicians

MAHARAT Program offers young people in Lebanon the opportunity to start and enhance their careers in the performing arts sector. It seeks to provide the best resources for those working in this field to enhance their knowledge, experience, and expertise, and to establish a link between them and their peers. The program consists of three basic components: the first component is a practical technical training program in the fields of performance-related professions, the most important of which is the design and execution of lighting, sound, stage management, and theater production. The second component is free online Arabic resources on the most important knowledge in the field of performing arts. The third component is an online platform for job and collaboration opportunities, which connects professionals in art production with their peers and employers in the independent and commercial artistic, cultural and recreational sectors.

Ettijahat-Independent Culture

Founded at the end of 2011, Ettijahat is a Syrian cultural institution that works on activating the role of independent culture and arts to positively contribute to the process of cultural and social change. This is achieved by supporting artists and cultural initiatives, empowering young researchers, building consensus and alliances between individuals and cultural institutions, promoting arts and artists through regional and international platforms, and working to bring culture and art to the Syrian communities wherever they may be.

Sundance Institute Theater Program

The Sundance Institute Theatre Program provides a catalytic process of artistic development for independent theatre-makers in the U.S. and globally, using a range of artist-driven engagement opportunities that connect, support and sustain artists and their projects across their careers.

The Sundance Institute Theatre Program emphasizes intensive short-term interactions with high-level artistic mentors, held within the context of settings removed from commercial pressures and other demands of contemporary life. The Theatre Program is in the midst of a multi-year initiative to foster meaningful engagement between U.S. and theatre artists from Arabic-speaking countries through a series of peer-to-peer exposure and exchange activities within the Middle East and North Africa region.

Drosos Foundation

Is committed to enabling disadvantaged people to live a life of dignity. Together with partner organizations, it develops and supports projects that have a direct bearing on the effective and sustainable improvement of living conditions, and seeks, wherever it is involved, a long-term impact. Drosos Foundation focuses on the development of life skills of disadvantaged children, young people and young adults through promoting creativity and economic independence. It is convinced that life and technical skills are key elements in personal development as they empower individuals to take control of their lives and make a positive contribution within their community. Drosos Foundation was established in Switzerland in 2003. It owes its existence to a private endowment and is acknowledged as a non-profit organization. It is ideologically, politically and religiously independent. The Foundation is active in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia as well as in Switzerland and in the eastern parts of Germany.


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